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007 - "King of Pickpockets" & Safety Expert: Bob Arno

Season 1, Ep. 7

“How do you become a pickpocket?” 

Bob Arno, a Swedish-born American entertainer, author, and criminologist gets asked this a lot. 

And if you had the chance to ask him yourself, in person, he would have your wallet long before you had your answer (you would get it back though). 

Recounting his journey from a career on stage as a comedic magician to using his expertise to help Europol crack down on crime syndicates, the “Pickpocket King” tells Rob Konrad everything he’s learned about the psychology of thieving. 

In this episode, Bob shares fascinating insights into the mindsets of thieves and victims, different varieties of street crime around the world, and how to spot – and get along with – street criminals. 

Plus, you’ll hear about a special wallet he’s had stolen and returned over 150 times, and a house visit to a genuine Mafioso. 

      “The best criminals… are fabulous social engineers” – Bob Arno

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015. He Was Almost A School Shooter: Aaron Stark

Season 1, Ep. 15
After years of physical and mental abuse in a chaotic and violent home, being bullied at the almost 40 schools he went to in his youth (due to the constant relocations of his drug-addicted parents), and battles with depression and self-harm, Aaron Stark reached a point where he could no longer take it.He decided to get a gun and do the unspeakable -take revenge on a world that seemingly had forgotten him.Luckily, before the unspeakable could happen, Aaron was saved by simple acts of kindness - by a colleague who understood that Aaron needed emotional help and support more than anything else.Aaron left his abusive home, got his life back on track, and how he shares his story of hope and transformation with the world.His TEDx talk, "I almost was a school shooter", has been watched over 8 Million times, he is now a mental health and anti-gun activist, husband and proud father of 4.In this deeply personal and emotional conversation we talk about bullying, what goes on in the mind of someone willing to take his life and those of others along with him, what we can do to prevent school shootings in the future- and much more….Join the conversation now!For a video of our conversation, more background info about Aaron, show notes, a full transcript of our conversation and links to your favorite podcast players to listen to the episode on the go, visit: